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sandwich on your terms withth any of dunkin's freshly made bakery y sandwics for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'. here is a job posting you do not see everyday. folks in washington are looking a marijuana consultant. they want someone to help them sales and retail cultivation and even quality control. they will be doing interviews and hiring. what are you looking for in a consultant? it when has separate qualities. -- each one has separate qualities. >> last november, voters said approved measures to legalize marijuana. they are collecting applications for its consultant.
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move over. meet the groundhog. the general stepped outside of his house. i guess we will have to see. he looks scared. all right. >> groundhogs are right 80% of the time. is that right? >> ok. doppler radar. . few snow showers right now it will not amount to a lot. there'll be a few flurries for the morning hours.
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better chance for snow showers in the middle of the day tomorrow. another clip on tuesday. end of the week. >> thank you. >> we will be right back.
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 saturday night news extra. president obama has identified immigration reform as a top priority. problem that both parties want to solve. >> we have more on the push to immigrationensive reform. i'm here because most that it is time has beensystem that broken for too long. immigration system comes both parties. we cannot continue as a
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with millions of people residing in the shadows. we have a window of opportunity to act. with a bipartisan group of strengthen border security, improve enforcement of andting immigration laws, provide a way for undocumented here to become citizens. that plan is in line with guidelines the president announced one day later. if congress is unable to move irward in a timely fashion, will send up a bill based on my and insist that they vote on it right away. congress has not passed a 30prehensive bill in early years. there have been several attempts. we have this problems with illegal immigration. this is something that has so many moving parts and potentials. we have seen that this is not been able to go through.
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the odds are not in favor of this getting through. the biggest sticking point is getting undocumented and grants legal status. opponents call it amnesty. there is the problem of encouraging more illegal immigrants. we have millions of illegal immigrants here. joneswas athena reporting. they have hopes of getting something passed over the summer. jummy pulled has resigned. john leopold has resigned. of chargesd guilty and acquitted of a couple of charges. john hammond is right now as account executive. a former culpeper police
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officer has been sentenced to three years behind bars. he was convicted of shooting an while on duty a to all timestricia cook attempt to -- several times in her attempt to drive away. arlington county police have been investigating since after he was seen in an discussingvideo voter fraud plants. the video was posted online by a . he told ae group volunteer to look into the idea. as peer resigned director of his dad's campaign. the video producers did not cooperate in the investigation. hillary clinton has ended her term as secretary of state. it is a bittersweet moment.
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to leave this room for the last at ans secretary of state , but it gives me such great pride and pleasure thank you and know that the work will continue. i'm very grateful. thank you. [applause] senator john kerry was confirmed as her replacement on wednesday. to havingks forward some time for herself. looks forward to aving some time for herself. >> there was a glitch found in the president's health care law. it failed to fix the problem. some families that can afford a player coverage will not be able to get financial assistance from the government to buy avid -- and to buy private sector insurance on their own. willrd on how many people be impacted. drivers in the district will deal with a major road
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closure for quite a while. . they have close the huthwest freeway between 9th street. it is part of the 11th street bridge project. the detours are in place. drivers are trying to maneuver through the road closures. pay tebo it is part of an effort to keep bicyclists safe. >> it is my main commute coming into work every day. bicyclists are the reason for law thatckdown on a bans drivers for making you turns. turns. he's glad that there is an to educate drivers on the new law. the danger of getting hit by car is a big thing for me in my family. the department of transportation and a few were handing out
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.lyers to drivers this is the new law for you -turns pennsylvania avenue. >> they chose pennsylvania avenue is that is where there have been problems. after 14 months worth of data, bicycle related crashes on pennsylvania avenue. caused by drivers making u-turns. he admits education is a good to start changing behavior of drivers. it is the first time that this cab driver -- this time he got a warning. abc 7 news. metro silver line to dulles reached a milestone with urging of a third
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rail. it will be followed by tests with railcars. it will all be done in phases. coming up, we are hours from the big game. >> football teams had to fight to earn a spot in the super bowl. .> a few flurries remained what to expect on sunday and beyond. [ regina ] i got it when we could download an hd movie
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baltimore is taking to the field in the big easy. swing.are in full fans are showing off the purple. there is a billboard that greets the interstateke .nto the setting there are raven flags and much more. hoodies and hair band. like, find it crazy, i guess. but if they win, everything is purple. bars and restaurants have been busy repairing for parties. and that they have the colors as well. there is a special guest in
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the big easy this weekend. they are to wounded warriors recognize furtherrificed sacrifice. who aree thousands experiencing super bowl in new orleans, the most appreciated specialists and army sergeant. this is probably one of the .hings i will never forget this is an awesome experience. one is a wounded warrior who twice cheated death. >> you know, all that good stuff. coming in here is awesome. two toursleted abroad. he will be home in time for the spectacle that is the super bowl. >> fantastic. $15,000 of their own money
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and another $10,000 in donations. he call this a journey around the country that was created last december. >> we wanted to make it bigger than us and include wounded .eroes of our country .e invited to veterans .hey are here in new orleans >> as part of this whole super bowl experience for this very , and a group of veterans look at eachl super bowl ring through the , as well as the vince lombardi trophy. >> this is so small, but it means so much to us. life is short. >> in new orleans, john gonzales, abc 7 news. there is one veteran will not get to suit up. this woman has been a ravens cheerleader for five years, but an invitation to the game.
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they could only take half of the squad and she did not make the cut. started an online petition .n her behalf an unusual love story. >> is a nightmare of the box office? steve is back with a look at the full forecast for tomorrow. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories.
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all right, a little snow out there. nothing major. that is it for the day. not much out there. look at this guys. you could see the lights. partly cloudy skies is our. we have a few snow flurries out there. those will remain with us for the rest of the overnight. 30 degrees. 24 is the wind chill. our average time of the year is i cannot believe we are gaining about a minute and a half of daylight. the sunset at 5:31 p.m. weatherbug network -- children's 31 degrees. lincoln, virginia, 26 degrees. when bridge at 27 degrees. they had a high of ready to.
11:53 pm
-- woodbridge at 27. they had a high of 32. temperatures are cooler in detroit. 15 degrees. factors have been a problem across the lakes. this time tomorrow night could 25-30 miles per .our area for the overnight hours, a few flurries. doppler radar shows the heaviest of this noble move off to the .orth and east eri a few remaining flurries overni ght. another clipper will move on through. here is what our futurecast looks like. there are breaks in the cloud. a few snow showers for tomorrow afternoon.
11:54 pm
temperatures in the middle and upper 30s. i was skies will clear and winds monday.k up on monday night late tuesday, another clipper will come by and bring another chance for some light snow. it is worth watching. they could be looking at some delays from early tuesday morning. nothing major. flurries and snow showers coming end. 24-30. tomorrow in the middle and upper 30's. here is a look at the extended outlook. temperatures will jump into the degree range. that will happen on friday and into saturday. a week from this monday, we can ahead into the future, we could be looking at a storm. a storm? a storm. that is well ahead. >> storm cindy, you predicted
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it. sandy. coming up, and all take on a classic hollywood drama. sylvester stallone is back on the big screen.
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zombies are back on the silver screen.
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the hollywood legend rolls out a new action flick. arch campbell has a look at the weekend box office. is a hilarious twist on romeo and juliet. i just want to connect. not connect with people? oh, right. i'm dead. there is a hilarious the zombieion of world where they long for feeling. byt world gets rocked tries to killwho takes hernstead he back to zombie land. by the way, his name is r and ers is julie. oh my gosh. is that him? yeah. "warm bodies" is worth three stars. and is not of love. also opening is "bullet to
11:59 pm
."e head they should've made this 30 years ago. star. >> "lincoln" four stars. gets three solid starts. great comedy. doing have stars for " django unchained." .bullet to the head" one star weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc 7

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